I am very passionate about Kundalini Yoga and particularly love to teach it.  I would like everybody to know how the incredible “kryas” (set of postures) can restore your body’s wisdom and how amazing and deep the meditations are. Through the sound currents (mantras), we shape our consciousness and peel away the layers of negativity, revealing our beautiful light within.


Currently, I offer weekly Kundalini Yoga classes in Hudson (more info. under our SERVICES section). I taught yoga to children, from 2011 to 2014, at the Montessori school in Saint-Lazare.  I also teach "The Radiant Child" program by Shakta Kaur.   


My Kundalini Yoga classes are 1.5 hours long.  I try to include some pranayam exercises and krya and 3 to 11 minutes of meditation.  The classes are fun, always different - sometimes energizing, sometimes more grounding or relaxing.


I have lived in Hudson since 2010.   Previously, I lived in St. Martin and I fell in love with Kundalini yoga on the beaches of this beautiful island. The sound of the waves and the palm trees would accompany my meditation, allowing me to go deeper and fully experience the stillness of my soul.  I received my spiritual name upon certification as a Kundalini yoga teacher in 2009.  It is Sat Ardas Kaur, which means the Power of the True Prayers. I love it!   I later experienced an amazing transformation at the Yogi Bhajan’s ashram in Espaniola, New Mexico.  I believe that, no matter what life presents to me, I will always be able to dance with it!


Each fall season, I offer a Detoxification Program - 5 days of yoga/mediation with optional cleansing foods and a 40-day challenge!


I also offer Feng Shui and Space Clearing services.


Sat Nam, everyone!