In St. Lazare, the West Island & Montreal, we recommend:


Karen Ripplinger Wylie, Dorval & on-line                                                    

Energy therapies & courses, hand-made Reiki infused jewellery, etc.


Vivianne Lariviere                                                    


Retreats, Events, Spiritual Direction, Reflections, Drumming, Shop or 450-458-7906


Toni Catherine Pigeon, CNP, R.BIE

Holistic Nutrition & Bioenergetics  

River of Health, St. Lazare  (Allergies & Nutrition) or (514) 929-9527


Martique de Montreal, Pierrefonds & on-line

Hand-made gemstone jewellery


Véronique Beniak BSc. MT. TARC, West Island

Massothérapie, Réflexologie, Reiki or (514) 426-9423


Jessica Brown

ZenPause & ZenPawz, Beaconsfield

Energy Healing for People & Pets, Courses, Workshops or (514) 241-1908 


Karin Drewery

Inner Revelations, Montreal West  

Intuitive Readings

Energy Therapy (SPHE-RE, Reiki, Ama-Deus) or 514-462-7597


Jennifer Cardone

Nutopia Holistic Centre, Lasalle

Holistic services & boutique or (514) 994-4009


Daniel Iorio, Chen Bing Taiji Academy

Tai Chi, Martial Arts