***********    UNDERSTANDING PERSONAL VIBRATION *********** 


In speaking with my HealingHudson partners and others who also offer some form(s) of energy (or similar) therapy, we all agreed that energy therapy is a "tough sell".   Even loved ones, who would ordinarily trust us completely, can be very non-supportive - even resisting a free session.  It is definitely something that is not easy to explain.

Years ago, I had heard about modern day "hands on" healing and thought it sounded pretty wonderful.  When I tried REIKI for the first time (in 2002), I did not understand what it was exactly, or what if offered, beyond relaxation and "balancing".   However, I wanted to determine if this was a valid modality and if it was worth learning how to practice it myself. That first experience certainly was unusual and I decided to proceed in finding a teacher.


A few months later, upon the conclusion of my first Reiki course, my instructor told me that if I practiced REIKI (regularly), I would find that "things will happen, things will come to you".  Subsequently, I have come to understand that one of the benefits of Reiki is that it positively affects one's level of vibration (or frequency).


"Everything in life is vibration".... Albert Einstein


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

...Nikola Tesla


Research has shown that all natural entities vibrate at different frequencies.  We are also surrounded by an "aura", comprised of 5 energy layers or "subtle bodies".  The scientific name for an aura is a “bio-plasma field”, which is the electromagnetic field emitted by all living things. The various colors that make up the aura can shift in shade and intensity according to one's personal vibration.  The Aura acts as an energetic blueprint or map of the thoughts, feelings and impressions surrounding a person. It reflects one's dominant state of mind, emotional disposition, and the health of the physical body.   Aura Photography is able to capture the aura visually.


Human beings can raise their vibrational levels.   Why would we want to do that?  Because the "Law of Attraction" operates on a vibrational level.  As we raise our vibration, we shift in a positive direction and attract serendipity.  One becomes more likely to meet the right person, at the right time, and more likely to find the resources and opportunities we require to help us progress.  As the Buddhist proverb states:  "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear".    


One can meet an individual who "lights up the room" and who "attracts others like a magnet".   This individual's shining aura would reflect a high vibrational level.


Those operating at a low vibration might be described as a "low life" or "someone who just crawled out from under a rock".


When we vibrate at a low level, we attract lower energies or entities.  Let's take an example of a young girl who is sexually abused.  If the victim does not receive loving support and appropriate treatment, she could become "a lost soul".   The energy of the spirit and the personal vibration would fall low.   Victims who have been repeatedly abused tend to become self-destructive, turning into drug addicts or alcoholics which, in turn, can lead to prostitution (to support their habit) and an even lower vibration.  What do prostitutes with an addiction attract?  You can guess.  Eventually, the victim may reach "bottom" - the lowest level of personal life experience or vibration and seek help.  This shift could bring the victim back up the vibrational ladder, so to speak. 


How do we increase our vibration?   Drinking plenty of pure water, breathing in clean air deeply, contemplating nature, being grateful, being kind to others, participating in pleasurable physical activity and joyful time with family, friends & animal companions, etc. increases your vibration.  Mind/body/spirit practice - such as meditation, yoga, energy and music therapy - is very helpful.  When used routinely, these practices also promote a deeper understanding of one's true nature and a more sustainable "high".


What causes a decrease in one's vibration?   Living in the past (or the future), being closed minded, being unforgiving to oneself and others, immersing oneself in fear and anxiety (best to ignore exploitive media sources!), consumption of alcohol, drugs, unhealthy food and other toxins, etc.


I think people who vibrate at the same frequency vibrate towards each other.

They call it, in science, sympathetic vibrations.    .....Erykah Badu 


During an energy therapy session, both the practitioner and the recipient benefit from a vibrational boost.  So, perhaps you can now understand - if you did not already - that explaining Reiki and other energy therapies is not an easy task.  An increase in vibration is just one, somewhat intangible, benefit of energy "healing".  Certainly, the effects of energy therapy can be very subtle - but it is a valid modality which can work in "mysterious" ways.   REIKI has definitely brought many good people and many good things into my life - for which I am extremely grateful.   


Hilary Dempsey