Sorry - DUE TO COVID-19 - Kundalini Yoga Classes are currently suspended



Called by practitioners "the yoga of awareness", Kundalini yoga derives its name through a focus on awakening kundalini energy through regular practice of meditation, pranayama, chanting mantra and yoga asana.


"The chaos of information in the computer age will make it difficult for people to cope with their day-to-day lives.  The body, mind, and spirit will have to be organized to meet this natural human phenomena.  


Every human, no matter to which religion they belong, will face a reality in the future where they will need a strong, healthy nervous system. They will need mental clarity and the back-up of spiritual strength to face this coming world.  We can say, with confidence, the only way to do this is through yogic techniques by which body, mind and spirit can be enhanced.


People will see that those who practice yoga are bright and beautiful, calm and blissful.  They will recognize that the yogic community is sincere and dependable, serving and giving.


Yoga is a science for all humanity.  It is the custodian of human grace and radiance.  It holds a great future for every human being.  It brings metal caliber for purposes and prosperity of life."  

Yogi Bhajan, April 1999


The classes are fun, always different - sometimes energizing, sometimes more grounding or relaxing.  A free, introductory class may be possible the Aquarian Age, the truth lies in the wisdom of our own experience!