This Japanese method of healing uses energy to balance the body and mind and its benefits can be felt by both REIKI practitioners and their clients.  In fact, REIKI is believed to improve just about any aspect of life, from physical health to emotional well-being to stress reduction and mental clarity.    Please refer to our HOME PAGE for more specific benefits.


Many hospitals in the United States are now using REIKI and similar alternative/complementary therapies for pre-operative and post-operative care, as it has been proven to calm patients, reduce pain and expedite recovery.    A research study at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut in indicated that alternative/complementary therapies, such as REIKI, improved patient sleep by 86 percent, reduced pain by 78 percent, reduced nausea by 80 percent, and reduced anxiety during pregnancy by 94 percent.  Here is a partial list of Canadian facilities offering REIKI services.


  • McGill Faculty of Medicine, Oncology Department, Montreal, Quebec
  • Princess Margaret Hospital (University Health Network), Toronto, Ontario
  • Mount Sinai Hospital’s Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre, Toronto, Ontario
  • Wellspring Canada (9 locations and 4 partnerships throughout Canada)
  • West Island Cancer Wellness Centre
  • Sandy Hill Community Health Centre, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Bruce House AIDS Hospice, Ottawa, Ontario


Each REIKI client and session is unique.    Some will feel the change in energy around them.  For others, the session will merely feel relaxing - perhaps so relaxing as to induce sleep.  After the session, one may feel very calm and peaceful or feel completely re-energized.   In any event, REIKI can do no harm, only good.    


REIKI can be practiced on animals as well as humans.


Some of the effects of the REIKI treatment will be temporary , as are those of a therapeutic massage .    After trying one or two treatments, you may decide to take a course so you can treat yourself to REIKI on demand.     Let us know if you are interested in this.


REIKI is transmitted either by gentle touch or by "beaming" from a short distance.   No removal of clothing is required.


Our REIKI services are offered by HILARY DEMPSEY at the Birch Hill Road, Hudson location;  and KARIN VIALARD (Main Road, Hudson location).     



Regular hourly rate for REIKI   (1 practitioner)................. $60.00 (tax not applicable)   

                                                 (2 practitioners)................$100.00 (tax not applicable)  1 or 2 modalities

                                                                          Excludes extra charge for treatment at your location


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