SPHE-RE (Sacred Peace Healing Energy) is a high vibration, gentle yet strong energy therapy brought to us by its founders, Lynn Neilson and her soul sister Debi Fegley, in their channeling from the Council of 12.  


This strong vibration assists you in providing a sense of peace and ease.  It helps to replace any heavy, sorrowful emotions you may have with a sense of hope, release, love and joy.  While balancing your emotions, you obtain a feeling of well-being and safety. This in turn directs you towards finding your purpose in life.  Peace enters your life and you RE-connect with others in a more harmonious and deeper way.


A SPHE-RE session is one hour in length.  You remain fully clothed, a light touch may be applied and the work is mostly performed in your energy field (aura) above the body.  You may fall asleep during the session, which is quite common. You will get up relaxed and renewed and then it’s up to you to integrate this energy into your life.


In Lynn Nielson's words:  ‘’You will be graced with Divine Light bringing Peace, Love, Joy, and Compassion into your Life.’’       



SPHE-RE session (one hour)……………………………………..$ 50.00 (tax not applicable)


This service is offered by HILARY DEMPSEY at the Birch Hill Road, Hudson location.  



SPHE-RE is not intended as a replacement for traditional medical approaches.  It is complimentary to other healing arts and can be used in combination with other traditional or holistic approaches.   No medical claims are made as to the effects or outcome of this therapy approach.  All SPHE-Re practitioners must comply with federal, provincial and local regulations governing the practice of energy therapy.