"I have had the pleasure to receive two Reiki sessions from Hilary in the past 6 weeks.  This has now become a monthly ritual I crave! The restorative effects of each treatment have impacted my whole being in wonderful ways!  Hilary’s attention to all details from beginning to end render a completely nourishing and building experience - physically and holistically.      Merci!"    A-M.B., Hudson


"What an adventure! My neck pain is cured and my shoulders are so much better. Even my hands are incredibly improved. Honestly an Advil or Tylenol cannot compare. No wonder the drug companies want to suppress natural medicine. You are brilliant! "  K.S., Hudson 


“Great experience.  Hilary has great hands. So much positive energy!”  A.M., Vaudreuil-Dorion


My Reiki experience with Hilary of HealingHudson was great.  The session was extremely relaxing and I benefited from an immediate decrease in tension.  My anxiety level has also decreased since the appointment.   M.L., Hudson


 "Since our session, I have slept very well the last two nights AND my brain has really de-fogged itself.  That, for me, was important.  A big thank you!!"   O.F., Hudson


"My session with Hilary came as an unexpected gift for me.  I'm not sure that I believed in Reiki at the time, but I did keep an open mind.   Having survived a pretty stressful time in life;  I was exhausted, burnt out, running on reserve.  This hour brought peace, clarity and an abundance of energy.   I was ready to put out fires and climb mountains once the session was complete.  Reiki works, Hilary is the best.". M.D., Hudson


"Hilary offered me Reiki sessions following a car accident which left me with a case of whiplash.   Reiki increased my mobility and reduced pain from the first session.   At a more recent session, my healing objectives were met surprisingly quickly - a truly incredible experience!   All sessions were very relaxing and held in a delightful environment.   K.S., Rigaud 


 "As the treatment progressed, your hands left energy imprints which dissipated slowly.  I could feel surges of energy coursing down my left side.  You have a very gentle touch and I told Kristina that you are a healer in the truest sense and she totally agreed."   P.S., Hudson


"I felt a lot of vibration throughout the whole session and I also saw a filament in purple being pulled from me up and to the right.   Hilary, you have a great gentle energy!"   K.O., Hudson


"I have been partners with Hilary during Reiki Shares a few times and felt relaxed and rejuvenated following the sessions. Hilary approaches healing with compassion and a desire to help; she makes extra effort to make sure that you feel comfortable during a session.  You leave with a sense of peace.   I also worked with Hilary to do energy healing on animals and we have seen improvement in these cases."  J.B., Beaconsfield


 "I received a Reiki treatment from Hilary, during a Reiki share, and I was amazed how calm it made me feel after being stressed from a death in the family.  I could really feel the energy and went into a deep state of relaxation that was helpful for days to come. "  K.J.R., Dorval


"I love to bask in the Reiki energy you channel, Mum."     Arthur the cat, Hudson (admittedly this was based on actions, not words).