What Laur does transcends words and cannot be explained. It must be experienced. Enormous thanks for her magic of her healing. I have been gifted with a few healers who have transformed my thinking and my life. Laur is one of them.”    

Dawna Treibicz, Video Producer



“Laur’s workshop greatly expanded my comfort and ability to share a variety of emotional states through free movement with my body and sounding with my voice.”  

Bryce Lansdell, Vocal Workshop Participant



 “Laur created a feast for the senses. To have a message to convey, as well as the means to convey it, is a rare gift. The gift of the true artist.”      

Paul Madaule, Director at The Listening Centre


“I am grateful for Laur’s ability to create a safe, encouraging and fun context for all participants, whatever their experience.”

Sally Ludwig, Therapist and Counsellor 


“Laur is the only one, I am aware of, who anticipates the vocal work from a stand point of an inner connection with our ultimate Source. Her method is well organized, starting with the basics and adding each idea slowly. She takes a lot of time to allow the student to really soak up the information and experiment with it.”

Angie Donkin, Singer


 “This lecture came to each of us in a different way, it put us in touch with our inner being, our desires, joys and difficulties. Laur recalled in each of us, the passion and heart that we put in our life. Very inspiring!” 

 Franziska, Conference Attendee