“Your biography becomes your biology”

Caroline Meiss


Energy therapies are not intended to compete with conventional medicine or the growing number of other alternative therapies.


Even happy, healthy and well balanced individuals may incur an injury.     Others may suffer from symptoms of chronic disease.   The appropriate energy therapy usually reduces pain, increases mobility and speeds healing, allowing you to function better and enjoy your life more freely.   In the case of fresh minor injuries, symptoms may be relieved altogether without patent medicine or prescribed drugs.  


For individuals suffering from grief, rejection, abuse, etc., energy therapy can help clear negative emotions and self-defeating thoughts.


If you open your mind fully to the therapy session, the vibrational frequency of the body will increase.   


Benefits of a high vibrational frequency:

  • Creates a healthy, positive energy which promotes healing and makes you more beautiful on every level.  
  • Creates a closer connection to source energy, making you more intuitive.
  • Increases magnetism.  People are naturally drawn to you and you attract abundance.
  • You will gain more control over your thoughts and actions. 

 Others ways to increase your vibration:

  • Practice meditation & yoga
  • Enjoy time in a pleasant natural environment 
  • Forgive yourself and others 
  • Express gratitude 
  • Face your fears 
  • Be compassionate and do good deeds
  • Be a conscientious consumer 
  • Enjoy quality time with loved ones, including companion animals
  • Smile & laugh
  • Exercise 


Note:   Since each individual and each session is unique, we cannot predict an exact outcome.  We greatly value detailed feed-back.